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Teenage counselling

For some young people it can be overwhelming or pressured so behavior and self-esteem are affected in a negative way.  Having support and a space to off-load or talk through issues with a counsellor who is not involved in the family or school dynamics which they are caught up in can relieve the intensity and create space to find often very creative solutions.  Teenagers can be very resourcesful and need space to find solutions to the issues they are struggling with in their world in their own way.


I have worked with teenagers who are concerned with;

  • friendship issues

  • family dynamics – changing relationships with parents, especially during separation and divorce

  • bullying

  • exams

  • anger

  • sexuality and relationships

  • anxiety and panic attacks

  • self-harm

  • feeling depressed


I offer a warm and caring counselling relationship, which supports young people to open up and share their concerns.  Together we find ways to build self esteem and solutions which can be integrated into the situation which is causing concern and upset.


I draw on the young peoples personal interest to engage them and creatively support changes they wish to make, this may be through music, art, clay, sand tray, poetry or drama.  Working with the creative process offers a broader awareness of issues and helps to access new possibilities beyond the logical mind. Creative solutions expressed through these different mediums make change more tangible and anchors it deeply, so it feels more solid and real in everyday life.


Parents are invited to a consultation before the work begins. This is important as it allows time for parents to explore the issues affecting the young person and how the family situation may be able to change to offer extra support. It is a time for parents to express concerns and hopes for the future and of course to meet me and ask questions about the counselling process and what to expect.


We can then arrange a time for the session and how best to explain counselling if a young person is uncertain.  I recommend an initial 6 week contract to offer time for issues to be explored, feelings expressed and possible solutions identified.


Counselling is confidential to the young person concerned so they feel safe enough to express themselves.  Should there be a risk of harm, then I work with both the young person and my supervisor to think about the next steps and who needs to be informed to keep them safe.

"Teenage years bring new opportunities, both exciting and challenging.  Together we find ways to build self esteem and solutions which can be integrated into the situation which is causing concern and upset."