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What to expect

What to expect in the first session

During an initial session I would like to hear as much as you feel able to share about your reasons for seeking counselling.  I would encourage you to go at your own pace and to feel comfortable.  


My role is to understand where you are coming from and how we could best work together and what you would like to gain from counselling.


If you feel after the initial session that you would like to try counselling we will agree a regular day and time.  Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly depending on what feels right for you.  If you feel counselling is not for you, there is no obligation to continue.  


How can counselling help?

Counselling gives you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of issues as there is the time and space for you to explore them.  My role is to help you explore, by offering a non-judgemental space for you to be really honest.  


I may ask questions or suggest a creative approach to enable a broader perspective, I will help you to explore your beliefs and to make links between the past and present events.  I am able to draw on a number of different techniques depending on what you feel comfortable with.  I may use drawing, visualisation, breath work or body response awareness.  


I believe that once an issue has been explored you have more choices in how you respond to your circumstances.  The key part of counselling is to empower you to make different choices by helping you to see your potential and self worth.  This will enable you to trust and believe in yourself, make real changes in your life and leave counselling with a new tool bag of techniques which work for you.


Most clients find that after as little as 6 weeks they are able to see many of their patterns and how they can empower themselves.  For others who have suffered deeper trauma, it can take a little longer.  I like to review with clients every six weeks to see how they are feeling about the sessions.


Is there a quick fix solution to my problem?

Most issues have been created over time and so do take time to work through.  I encourage people to commit to 6 sessions before reviewing changes.  There are however a number of CBT and solution focussed therapy tools which can be incorporated in early sessions and do offer a more immediate way through challenges that are less severe.

Nothing is impossible; the word itself says "I'm possible"

Audrey Hepburn

"The key part of counselling is to empower you to make different choices by helping you to see your

potential and self worth"